Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Before your treatments begin, you and your caregivers will be scheduled to meet with our Nurse Educator/Patient Navigator to offer you education and support about your radiation experience. They will discuss what you might expect from your treatments and will assist you with coordination of your treatment with other specialists. They will also be available to you as a resource and support while you are on treatment and will help the physician to monitor your course of treatment.

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Question: What are the side effects of the radiation treatment?

Question: How long is the course of the treatment?

Question: What is my treatment schedule?

Question: Can I continue with normal activities, while under treatment?

Question: Can I be around my children/grandchildren while I am receiving radiation oncology; will I be radioactive?

Question: How soon will I start my radiation treatments

Question: Will I feel anything during the radiation treatment; will it be painful?

Question: Will I lose my hair?

Question: Can I have my hair colored or have a hair permanent done while I am having radiation oncology?