Weight Issues

Weight Concerns

Perhaps no other nutritional issue causes as much stress in a family as the issue of weight.  

Is your child overweight? Is he not gaining enough weight? Do you suspect he is losing weight too fast? How do you even know if your child has a weight issue, or is at risk of developing one?

Working with you and your child and his pediatrician, we come up with a realistic plan to help your child reach his goals.

From the moment your child is born, his doctor charts his weight at every check-up. Any deviation from the normal progress of your child’s weight or growth could be an indicator of a weight issue.

It is not clear when childhood weight issues begin. Growth patterns differ for every child, so it’s important to consult with your doctor first if you suspect your child has a weight issue.

Your child might develop weight issue if he is:

  • Drinking a lot of soda or sports drinks
  • Spending an excessive amount of time doing sedentary activities like watching TV, playing video games, or surfing the Internet
  • Eating more meals outside the home, especially ones at fast food restaurants
  • Experiencing behavioral challenges, like stresses at school
  • Experiencing sudden weight gain or loss
  • Not eating breakfast
  • Demonstrating different ideas or attitudes about food, like only eating protein

Coming Up with a Nutritional Plan

Whether a physician refers your child or you contact us directly, our pediatric registered dietitian works closely with both of you to understand the issues, then together, as a team, set some realistic goals and a plan to reach those goals.

After taking a diet history, measuring your child’s weight and height, and learning the history of his growth, we have an open discussion with you and your child about what his goals are. Your child may not be motivated to address his weight issue, and we take that into consideration in creating goals and devising a meal plan that your child will actually adhere to.

Usually two to three follow-up visits are required to gauge your child’s progress, and to make any alterations, recommendations, or additions to the program. We may refer you to the Partners in Active and Healthy Lifestyles (PAHLs) Program, a unique program designed to help your family discover ways to incorporate balanced nutrition and exercise into your lifestyle and build the confidence to keep your family healthy.

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