Pediatric Imaging

Pediatric Imaging

If your pediatrician or specialist has requested medical imaging for your child, you can rest assured that your child's comfort and safety is our primary concern.

We adhere to the image gently campaign goals of lowering the radiation doses children receive during medical imaging procedures.

We are a fully accredited medical imaging facility that offers a complete range of services to help us make a quick and accurate diagnosis. Our staff includes a Pediatric Radiologist and a Pediatric Nurse to address special cases, as needed.

The risk of developing a cancer sometime in the future from a radiology test is extemely low. However, all of our state- and national-certified technicians have been trained in image gently procedures to assure your child receives the lowest radiation dose while still providing us with the information we need to properly diagnose and treat your child.

Our pediatric imaging services include:

For your convenience, you can schedule your child's medical imaging procedure at one of our Contra Costa County locations by calling: (925) 952-2701.