Faith and Health Partnership

Faith and Health Partnership

Spiritual communities are uniquely qualified to reach out to marginalized and underserved populations. Leaders and members of faith communities have a relationship with their members built on trust. This relationship allows them to effectively communicate important health information, mentor and model healthy lifestyles. The Faith and Health Partnership creates opportunities for faith communities and surrounding neighborhoods to collaborate with John Muir Health and other health and social service agencies to develop programs and activities that address their self-identified wellness, health promotion, and disease prevention needs.

Success Story

As a senior joining the program for the first time, it changed the way I eat...

Power for Living Ministry (PFLM) has worked with the Faith and Health Partnership (FHP) for the past three years. Pastor Liddell enthusiastically embraced the concept of a health ministry and in year two of their health ministry program, PFLM implemented an internal food policy for meals served during their meetings and church events. Additionally, PFLM has created and piloted the Greatest Loser Program which uses many of the components of the popular weight loss TV program the Biggest Loser. In 2011, 37 participants registered in the program. Of these, 23 completed the program and lost a total of 105 lbs. One of the members shares: "As a senior joining the program for the first time, it changed the way I eat and I always think about it all the time, I'm exercising more and my blood pressure is so much better. I'm never too old to learn."


  • In 2011, the FHP reached out to over 12,971 individuals through faith-based and community outreach programs at 31 faith communities.
  • Through the 31 partner faith community programs:
    • 15 churches changed their food policy to be more healthy
    • 10 churches implemented fitness programs
    • 4 churches began peer counseling programs
  • The FHP conducted health promotion campaigns that delivered customized health messages at 7 local salons where 250 salon patrons received health information.
  • FHP organized and implemented five health fairs, which resulted in over 548 screenings, and twenty-one community activities reaching 1,723 individuals.