Health fairs are a great way to raise awareness and encourage your employees to take positive steps towards better health. Participants receive education and screenings from John Muir Health professionals.

John Muir Health can coordinate the entire health fair or work with your planning team to ensure the success of your event. We can provide our health fair services at any of your worksites, regardless of the health plan options available to employees.

Planning a Health Fair

Before planning an event, you should consider several factors.

  • Event goal: Do you want to improve employee health and productivity? Boost employee morale? Are you looking to enhance an existing event?
  • Budget: Establish a budget by estimating costs including food, incentives, vendor services and expected attendance.
  • Scheduling: To ensure the highest participant attendance and allow enough lead time for vendors, plan the fair at least three months in advance.
  • Marketing: Getting the word out effectively will increase employee participation.
  • Evaluation: Plan how you’ll collect feedback to determine whether the event met your goals and what should be changed for the following year.
Health Fair Services and Topics

After helping you identify event goals and objectives, we work with you to determine which health screening services would provide the most value. Some of our most popular services are listed below; others are available upon request.

Immunizations and Screening Services
  • Cholesterol and glucose screening: Employees receive the results of a simple finger-stick test in just five minutes.
  • Blood pressure screening: Determine blood pressure numbers, what affects these numbers, and how to control them.
  • Flu vaccine clinic: A registered nurse provides the current flu vaccine to protect employees during the upcoming flu season.
  • Vision screening: Employees receive a basic vision test to detect visual abnormalities.
  • Hearing screening: Employees receive a basic hearing test to detect hearing loss.
  • Bone density screening: Participants receive a T-score, risk for osteoporosis, and educational informational to reduce risk.
Fitness Testing
  • Body composition testing: Computerized feedback on body fat, muscle mass, body water, metabolic rate, and ideal weight.
  • Fitness screenings: Aerobic capacity, strength, and flexibility evaluations provide personalized feedback on how to exercise safely and effectively.
  • Balance testing: A balance assessment can identify postural problems that can result in injuries if not corrected.
Health Education and Training
  • Health risk appraisal: Health and lifestyle evaluation shows employees how changing their habits can improve their quality of life.
  • Lifting lab: Employees practice proper body mechanics for work and other activities.
  • Ask a dietitian: A registered dietitian answers questions on topics such as fat grams and herbal supplements.
  • Corporate massage: A relaxing shoulder and neck massage provides a stress break.
  • Hand-washing station: Employees learn proper hand-washing techniques to avoid spreading and receiving germs.

To learn more about John Muir Health’s corporate health programs, please contact us or call (925) 941-4031.