Worksite Wellness Services

Health fairs are an excellent way to raise awareness of health issues and encourage employees to take positive steps toward better health. Our health professionals and experts will perform screenings and provide education that will enable your employees to improve their health and well-being. Healthy employees save employers money, increase productivity, and encourage self-responsibility on the part of the employee. Some of the Health Fair services that we offer include:

“Ask a Dietitian” – A Registered Dietitian will answer dietary questions of all kinds to your population. A great addition to one of our nutrition seminars!

Balance Testing – A balance assessment can identify postural problems that can result in injuries if not corrected.

Blood Pressure Screening – Determine blood pressure numbers, what affects these numbers, and how to control them.

Body Composition Screening – Body composition software is developed to provide individualized feedback on body fast, muscle mass, body water, metabolic rate, and ideal weight.

Bone Density Screening – Participants will leave with a T-score, risk for osteoporosis, and educational information to reduce risk.

Chair Massage – A relaxing shoulder and neck massage is a much appreciated stress break for your employees.

Cholesterol/Glucose Screening – Total cholesterol including HDL. LDL, Triglyceride, and glucose levels are analyzed by a medical professional with as simple, safe finger stick test. Employee receive their results in just five minutes.

Fitness Screenings – Aerobic capacity, strength, and flexibility evaluations provide personalized feedback on how to exercise safely and effectively to achieve or maintain optimum fitness.

Flu Clinic – A Registered Nurse provides the current flu vaccine to protect employees during the upcoming flu season.

Handwashing Station – Employees can see how proper handwashing techniques can help them stay healthy and avoid spreading and receiving germs.

Lifting Lab – Employees will practice proper body mechanics for work and other activities.

Online Health Questionnaire/Rally Wellness Portal – This online and mobile app product allows participants to answer health questions and get personalized feedback, along with missions and challenges to join to aid in their healthy behaviors. Rewards can be earned for healthy behavior change.

Vision Screening – Employees can have a basic vision test performed to detect visual abnormalities in adults.

 *Additional Stations Can Be Developed Upon Request*

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