Wondering how John Muir Health would create a wellness program for your employees? We start by identifying problem areas and employee needs.

We then work with you to identify program goals and tailor a program to your unique needs. Once we’ve implemented the program, we measure results and identify ways to improve the program the following year.

Complement an Existing Program

If you already have an established wellness program, John Muir Health can enhance it with additional services. Our local perspective enables us to recommend specific, actionable ways your employees can live healthier lives.

A Sample Wellness Program Outline
  • Assessment: Through online health questionnaires, screenings or other data collection methods, we identify the top employee health risks. We use this to identify how much value on investment you’re likely to receive from the program and what health concerns to target.
  • Design: We design a tailored program that focuses on individuals with highest risk while inspiring and motivating other employees. We determine which services to include. If obesity is a concern, for example, we might include quarterly blood pressure screenings and weigh-ins.
  • Implementation: Using a combination of screenings, presentations, training, health fairs, challenges, prizes, and other tools, we educate the workforce about their health and help encourage them to make healthy lifestyle changes.
  • Measure: After collecting results at the end of the year, we measure cost savings and provide recommendations for the following year’s program.
Service Options

Below is a list of some of the types of services and programs we might include in your wellness program, depending upon your needs, budget, and other considerations.

  • Online Health Questionnaire: Online surveys to collect health information and personal fitness and nutrition assessments.
  • Screenings and Testing: Routine tests for blood pressure, glucose or cholesterol, osteoporosis, fitness and other factors.
  • Wellness Seminars: Presentations by physicians, health educators, registered dietitians, and fitness specialists about relevant health and safety topics such as heart health, CPR, first aid, diet, exercise, and sleep.
  • Health Challenges: Monthly challenges to encourage employees to modify their behavior.

To learn more about John Muir Health’s worksite wellness programs, please contact us or call (925) 941-4031.

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