John Muir Health’s wellness programs deliver real value by lowering absenteeism, reducing workplace injuries, and in the case of one employee, saving a life.

As an employee of a local city office, Scott Harriman regularly received his quarterly blood pressure screenings. Over the past couple of years, he’d worked hard to make some healthy changes in his life with the encouragement of our worksite wellness team. 

A Heartbeat Away

"I encourage all city employees to take advantage of the wellness program. It is a benefit that I strongly recommend that we maintain. I truly feel that it saved my life."

During a routine screening at a Wellness Program Health Fair, Scott mentioned to our team that he’d been experiencing shortness of breath.  Our team reviewed the results of Scott's previous screenings and found that he should see a doctor right away.

Armed with a wellness profile report and blood pressure records provided by our team, Scott saw his doctor and soon found out he had a serious aortic aneurism that required immediate surgery. He never would have seen his doctor had it not been for John Muir Health’s worksite wellness team and his screenings. Scott is now healthy and happy to be alive.


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