Online Interactive Wellness Platform and Tracker

Online Health Questionnaire

  • Evaluates the whole employee
  • Determines strengths and recommends custom actions

Biometric data feed

  • See your results, track your progress

Devices & Apps

  • Track your activity

Social and Psychological benefits

  • Holistic approach to total well being

Individual or team challenges

  • Engage in all aspects of wellness


  • User can personalize name, avatar and photo
  • Participation in challenges can be private or public, where participants can challenge, compete and/or blog with co-workers


  • Ready Made
  • Client Customized
  • Wide array of topics and challenges

Accessible from anywhere

  • Can be accessed on any mobile device or computer with an internet connection

To learn more about the Wellness at Work Portal, please contact us or call (925) 941-4031.

6,000 John Muir Health employees use the same platform on a daily basis to manage their wellness

Other major U.S. employers using platform include Kohl’s, Kindred Healthcare, and The State of Washington.