Online and Mobile App Wellness Platform and Tracker

Accessible from anywhere

  • Computer and Mobile App with participant managed notifications and reminders


  • Health Questions? Visit one of the many moderated communities and browse topics such as heart healthy, biking enthusiasts, and more

Devices & Apps

  • Track your activity by syncing your devices and apps with Rally
  • Makes tracking easy and less time consuming
  • Pairs with a variety of devices and apps


  • Join healthy missions and challenges to foster healthy behavior change

Online Health Questionnaire

  • Evaluates the whole employee
  • Gives participant their “Rally Age”
  • Determines strengths and recommends custom actions

Social and Psychological benefits

  • Holistic approach to total wellbeing, focusing on the whole being

To learn more about the Wellness at Work Portal, please contact us or call (925) 941-4031.

6,000 John Muir Health employees use the same platform for wellness tracking

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