Urinalysis with Microscopic

Urinalysis with Microscopic by IRIS iQ200 Automated Analyzer

John Muir Medical Center Laboratory Urinalysis Department announces the conversion of manual urine microscopic analysis to an automated flow cell system that counts & characterizes the separate elements in the specimen.

Particle microscopy significantly aids in the diagnosis of renal & urinary tract disease. This is a non-invasive method used as a routine diagnostic screen, a monitor of disease progression & of therapeutic efficacy. The urine microscopic reflexes from our Urine Screen when any of the following chemistries are positive: glucose, blood, nitrite, leukocyte esterase or protein. It is also performed as part of our Conditional Urine test.

The IRIS iQ200 uses proprietary flow imaging and auto-particle recognition technology to classify and quantify 13 urine particles: RBCs, WBCs, WBC clumps, hyaline casts, pathological casts, squamous epithelial cells, non-squamous epithelial cells, bacteria, yeast, crystals, mucus, sperm and artifacts. These particles are digitally imaged with a DDC camera and subject to visual review by the resulting Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

Performed: 7 days/24 hrs. Reported: Same day. Specimen required: One orange/yellow-top conical Vacutainer tube with preservative. Transport at room temperature.

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