Introducing a new look for John Muir Health

Our new look is a symbol of the work we’ve done…and will continue to do…to improve your experience with us. From what patients and consumers have told us, it’s important for us to listen, explain, and work together as a team to provide you with the highest quality care. Our new logo represents this commitment to you. We want you to Be Heard.

More and more, you will see the new John Muir Health logo and colors appear on our advertising, website and mobile app, signs, and billing statements, among other items. Please be assured that you’ll continue to get the same great care at John Muir Health, now with a renewed commitment to a better patient experience.

The story of our new logo

Our new logo was designed, above all else, to convey the partnership that we wish to build with our patients and with the community. The logo includes a stylized “M” that signals partnership and diversity by using different colors on the left and right side of the symbol. The logo also includes a subtle reference to holding hands (lines sloping downward/inward) and to a heart (top half). At John Muir Health, we call this symbol our “promise mark” to reinforce our commitment to partnership and a better patient experience.

We shared this design with consumers and patients in our community as it was developed, and we heard that it conveys a sense of inclusivity, approachability, precision and professionalism.

Read the Press Release for more information.

Our new advertising campaign


For questions or additional information please contact:

Ben Drew
Director, Corporate Communications
(925) 947-5384