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Diabetes Workshop: The Basics

Diabetes: The Basics
Class instructed by Health Educator or  RN, Only for JMH diabetes center referred patients


Diabetes Education Workshops Script

Type 2, A1C <8%, Not on Insulin

  • Your doctor has sent a referral for diabetes education and we were calling to schedule your classes.    
  • I would like to start by asking you some demographics and history information.
  • Are you newly diagnosed with diabetes? Y/N
    • No – these classes will be a good review for you
    • Yes- these classes will be ideal for you


  • Do you have any problems that might affect your participation in a 3-hour classroom setting?
    • Yes, refer back to diabetes center if necessary
    • No, schedule for classes


  • There are 2 education classes in our series taught by certified diabetes educators.  We offer  different options:
  1. You can complete the classes in one day if you prefer.  We offer this option one Saturday a month and both classes total a 6 hour day.  The first 3 hour class covers the fundamentals of diabetes and the 2nd class covers Nutrition and Healthy Eating.  If Saturday is the best of the week for you and you do not want to spend 6 hours with us, you can instead take the 3 hour nurse class one month and the dietician class the next.
  2. It is important to learn the background diabetes information first because the class information taught by the nurse leads into the nutrition portion of the program. 
  3.  If you prefer a weeknight option, evening classes are available twice a month.   
  4. Saturday classes are 9-12 and 1-4pm.  Weeknight classes are 5:30 to 8:30.
  5. Which option would work best for you?



Do you already test your blood sugar?

Yes – if you need help with testing or would like review on use of your meter we have meter training classes set up for your convenience.  Give dates, times and locations

No- we have meter training classes set up for your convenience.  Please call your doctor and ask for a prescription for a ____________ meter (this is the preferred meter through your health plan).  Bring your meter and supplies to the class.  Give dates, times and locations




We will be mailing or e-mailing  out an assessment form.  Please complete the  form and bring it to class with you.   A goal sheet will be included in your packet, please feel free to complete this form if you already have some goals in mind to improve your blood sugar control. If not, we will help you complete the goal sheet in class.

Cost: FREE
Register for any three fee-based* classes during one transaction and receive a 20% discount.
(* some exclusions may apply)
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