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Weight Loss: Reset Your Metabolism

For many, losing weight is a continuous challenge.  However, most weight loss programs do not focus on the main reasons why weight loss is so difficult to achieve.  Because of this, any weight that is lost is usually not sustained.  This can result in yo-yo dieting and the accompanying drop in metabolic rate and loss of valuable muscle tissue.

Weight Loss: Reset Your Metabolism program will address the various environmental, dietary, and lifestyle factors that influence weight and body composition.  This will help you reset and rebalance your metabolism so that you can sustain your weight loss, and as a bonus experience:                      

  • Improved energy & mood
  • Balanced blood sugar & hormone levels
  • Improved body composition with loss of body fat


Weight Loss: Reset Your Metabolism program will include:

  • A quick Start Binder with dietary recommendations, a 30-day menu, and shopping list based on seasonal food choices; also included are 10 healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack suggestions to mix-and-match.
  • Discussion of the latest research on nutrition and lifestyle factors that influence metabolism
  • Food demonstrations with examples of smoothies, healthy snacks for the entire family, etc.
  • The opportunity to record body weight and body fat percentages


Refund and Class Re-Schedule Policy

No refunds for classes.  Payment required at time of registration.  Every effort will be made to reschedule participants into desired class.  A $20.00 reschedule fee will apply for changes.  Classes may be canceled due to ill instructor or low enrollment.

Cost: $50.00
Register for any three fee-based* classes during one transaction and receive a 20% discount.
(* some exclusions may apply)
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