Our four-week clerkships offer medical students applying to our Family Medicine Residency Program an excellent opportunity to get to know what it’s like to be a part of John Muir Health.   

About Our Clerkships

We offer the following inpatient and ambulatory clerkships:

Inpatient And Transitional Care Medicine Clerkship

The physicians and staff were excellent, the learning was high-quality, I had many interesting medical diagnoses and I had the opportunity to gain a good understanding of the career of a primary care physician.
K. K. - UCSF 3rd year medical student

Based at our nationally recognized, UCSF-affiliated John Muir Medical Center, Concord, this four-week hospital-based clerkship is taught and supervised by highly experienced internal medicine and family medicine faculty across the acute and transitional care spectrum. Students receive hands-on experience in a highly supportive and integrated learning environment. Our EPIC™ EHR system, integrated with UpToDate®, allows for focused searches within EPIC™ during real-time patient care decision-making.

Women’s Health Clerkship

This four-week ambulatory clerkship focuses on the health challenges that women face throughout their lives, from adolescence to geriatrics. These challenges at each stage of a woman’s life require unique therapeutic approaches that may cross many specialties. Our inter-professional women’s health team provides diverse and flexible training in: 

  • Reproductive / Breast / Pelvic Health
  • Behavioral Health
  • Common Procedures and Prevention
  • Genetics and Screening

Musculoskeletal (MSK) / Sports Clerkship

This four-week ambulatory clerkship exposes students to patients with common musculoskeletal complaints, which represent a large proportion of outpatient primary care visits. Fourth-year clerks are taught and supervised by both primary care doctors with sports medicine fellowship training and orthopedic surgeons. To provide a broad-based experience for our clerks, this training occurs in the primary care setting, urgent care and private orthopedic clinics.

High Performance Family Team Care Clerkship

While other rotations trained me to be super focused, this rotation allowed me to broaden my clinical gaze.
N. Z. - UCSF 3rd year medical student

Our newest offering, this four-week ambulatory clerkship allows medical clerks to become full members of our team. Clerks will see a panel of patients, make follow-up calls and participate in leadership and scholarship projects, team meetings and workshops to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our diverse and vulnerable patient populations. We use the foundational building blocks of High Performance Primary Care to frame the medical student’s experience and projects, with clerkship mentors and coaches to ensure that residents have a positive and valuable educational experience.

Customized Clerkships

If you are interested in developing a clerkship not described above, please contact us and we will work with highly qualified students to develop a rotation.

Clerkship Requirements

In order to be considered for one of our clerkships, applicant must:

  • Attend an LCME-accredited school in the U.S. and Canada
  • Be a fourth-year medical student in good standing
  • Have completed most of the third-year core rotations in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Ob-Gyn and Psychiatry/Behavioral Medicine
  • Provide three letters of recommendation for Surgery, Medicine and Pediatrics from a teaching hospital, if applicant’s medical school does not have a clinical teaching hospital for core rotations

How To Apply For A Clerkship