Minimize pain. Maximize function.

Many patients are hesitant to move forward with important, life-enhancing orthopedic surgeries for fear of a long, painful recovery. When you refer your patients to John Muir Health, you can rest assured their treatment will involve minimal pain and downtime. In fact, we
use the most advanced types of anesthesia, including regional anesthesia, to dramatically reduce post-operative pain.

Advanced orthopedic procedures

Orthopedic surgery techniques have evolved over the years, and John Muir Health continues to incorporate and refine many of the newer, less invasive procedures into our program. Designed to reduce pain and recovery time, these approaches include minimally invasive total joint surgery, leading-edge arthroscopic technology, and new spine decompression and fusion techniques through minimally invasive lateral and posterior approaches.

Our orthopedic surgeons are trained in the most current surgical techniques and treatments. Only the best bearing surfaces are utilized in total joint replacement surgery to maximize joint longevity, with each patient’s needs and expectations in mind.

For your patients with spine and/or orthopedic trauma, our surgeons use emerging technologies in fracture fixation and bone grafting to speed healing, decrease recovery time and restore function.

Comprehensive Care Approach

At John Muir Health, we go out of our way to ensure your patients
receive a comprehensive continuum of care—from pre-operative services to rehabilitation—that goes well beyond the often isolated components of typical orthopedic services programs. This unique, all-encompassing approach is designed to help your patients return to maximum function as quickly
as possible. Learn more

For Urgent Transfer of a Patient

For urgent transfer of a patient to John Muir Health’s Orthopedics Services, call the Transfer Center at (925) 947-4488. Air transport is available to both our campuses and, if needed, will be arranged
 by the Transfer Center.

General information

For more information about our orthopedics services and our physicians, call (925) 941-5010.