When you use Home Health MD Portal, we have the capability to submit service orders to you electronically that you can view and sign electronically. MD Portal is easy to use and requires little training, you'll be up and running on the system in minutes. All you need is a web browser. The enrollment process takes up to 30 business days to complete.

Online remote access is available to our referring physicians at no additional expense. All physicians managing Home Health patients are encouraged to enroll to view and print their Home Care data online.

Advantages of Home Health MD Portal

The advantages of using the Home Health MD Portal include:

1. Secure online connection to access Home Health Service Data

  • Electronic order signing for streamlined documentation
  • Care Plan Oversight tracking for faster Medicare billing and reimbursement
  • Remote access for signing orders

2. Ensures each patient receives the individualized care they deserve.

  • Review the patient's orders from your home or office through any Internet-accessible computer.
  • Patient-specific information including vital signs and a full medication list.
  • Allows you to reject interim orders that are incorrect.
  • Stops paper order processing.

3. Electronic documentation of care plan oversight.

  • Provides an editable timesheet that displays a log of the time you spent reviewing individual patient home care data.
  • This log can be printed and used to expedite Medicare billing.
Enroll in Home Health MD Portal

You must have access to the Internet and have an email address to enroll as a provider and access Home Health data.

1. Begin by downloading and printing the Enrollment Package which includes:

  • New Electronic Home Health Physician Form — Attachment C
  • ITS Consent Form — Attachment D
  • Signature Approval Form (HPF signature stamp electronic)— Attachment E
  • Mail/Fax Cover Sheet — Attachment F & G
  • Signature Approval Form - (HPF signature stamp electronic)
  • Mail/Fax Cover Sheet — Attachment F & G

Download the package

2. Read, complete and sign the all documents within the Enrollment Package.

3. Mail or fax completed documents to Home Health Services (cover sheets are included in the package) at (925) 798-5787.

What You Can Expect

Upon review of the enrollment information, the enrollment specialist will contact you if there is any missing documentation. When your status changes to approved, you will receive an email acknowledgement card.

Within 30 business days you will receive an email from extranetsupport@johnmuirhealth.com with remote access account and login information.

You may complete the education modules on-line at anytime.

Resources & Training Materials