Colds and the flu are widespread in our community. Here's what to do if you have symptoms...

If you have cold or flu symptoms and need to seek medical attention, please choose one of the options below. We want to make sure you get the care you need in the most appropriate setting.

  1. Call your doctor. More same-day appointments are being made available. If you do not have a primary care doctor, schedule online or call (925) 952-2887.

  2. Schedule an Urgent Care appointment online or call the location nearest to you. Our Urgent Care Centers are open weekdays until 9 p.m. and weekends until 6 p.m. 

  3. Call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room if you are concerned that your condition may be an emergency (difficulty breathing, chest pain, severe abdominal pain).
    NOTE: You may experience longer than normal wait times in the Emergency Room as patients are prioritized based on the severity of their illness or injury.