Residential Program for Adults

Residential Program for Adults

Our residential chemical dependency program is designed for people recovering from drug and/or alcohol problems who require a safe and sober living situation.  

Our residential drug and alcohol addiction program is designed for people recovering from drug and/or alcohol problems who need a safe and sober living situation.

Most of our residents meet one or more of the following conditions:

  • No longer have detox symptoms or medical complications but need structure 24 hours a day to practice specific coping skills and avoid relapse
  • Need a clean and sober living environment in early recovery
  • Have been unable to maintain sobriety in an outpatient environment
  • Have been mandated by an Employee Assistance Program, employer, or court to complete residential treatment
  • Live too far from our Behavioral Health Center to commute to daily treatment activities, or cannot drive

Treatment Activities

Our treatment program is structured and rigorous. You will participate in the partial hospitalization treatment program during the day and specialized evening programs at night. These include attendance at community 12-step meetings, where you will be encouraged to get a sponsor, as well as exercise activities, meditation, and house meetings.

Your family members are encouraged to attend our family program on Saturday mornings, to learn how to support you in your recovery and meet other families in a similar situation. Individual family sessions are also available.

Our Approach

We believe in the “medical model” for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction. This means that we view your addiction as a disease for which you can receive treatment and learn to manage, similar to other chronic, lifelong diseases. Your disease is not your fault, and we never treat you as if it is. We focus on helping you make positive changes in your life by working with you to put together the individual treatment plan that’s right for you. We focus on relapse prevention and behavior modification through group and individual therapies, as well as many educational groups. All therapeutic services are provided by certified/licensed counselors.

Patients directly admitted to the program complete a history and physical within 72 hours of admission. Planning for your transition into early recovery and back to your home is included in the initial treatment plan.

Daily Living

Our recovery residence is located near the Behavioral Health Center, so you can easily walk or take a shuttle to treatment activities. There is an overnight counselor on site to provide care and support. All meals are served at the Behavioral Health Center, and snacks are available at the residence. To learn more about the residential program for adults, please call (925) 674-4100.