Classes, Programs, Support Groups

Classes, Programs, Support Groups

We offer many classes, programs, and support groups – several of them free – that help promote children's health and nutrition.  

If we do not offer a class, support group, or program that addresses your child’s specific needs, we will help you locate a resource that will.

  • Breastfeeding Classes – Taught by a lactation expert, these classes cover nutrition, comfortable breastfeeding positions, common challenges, and best practices for breast milk pumping and storage for both individual infants and multiples.
  • MuirMommies – These popular, weekly group sessions welcome new moms and cover feeding and other newborn issues that your baby faces during the first year of life, including breastfeeding.
  • Children's Nutrition Classes – Our pediatric registered dietitian conducts classes that address picky eating, healthy snacks, celiac or gluten sensitivities, food allergies and other nutrition-related subjects geared towards helping your child establish lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • Small Group Education – For patients and families experiencing similar healthy eating challenges, we facilitate these sessions that promote the exchange of successful ideas and approaches.
  • Partners in Active and Healthy Lifestyles (PAHLs) Program – For families and kids with weight concerns, this unique program is designed to help your family discover ways to incorporate balanced nutrition and exercise into your lifestyle and build the confidence to keep your family healthy.

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For more information about our children's nutrition services, please call (925) 941-4027.