We Make Hospital Visits Less Scary

If your child’s condition requires a visit to or stay in the hospital, our specialists from Child Life Services will make the whole experience less scary by explaining procedures and teaching coping strategies to your child, in language that is easy to understand. Our Child Life Specialists are highly trained at making our littlest patients more comfortable by helping them feel more in control and giving them space to play and be kids, even in the hospital.

Medical procedures in a hospital setting can be confusing and frightening to children and teens. Your Child Life Specialist is a very important part of your child’s care team who:

  • Gets your child ready for procedures and surgery using language that is easy to understand
  • Teaches your child how to be less anxious about procedures
  • Uses art, books and play time to help ease your child’s fears
  • Helps support siblings and other family members as well

This service is provided at no additional charge. If you’re interested in meeting with a child life specialist, talk to your doctor.