Expert Pediatric Endocrinology Care—Close To Home

For parents in Contra Costa County and surrounding communities, having a child with a complex medical condition used to mean spending lots of time traveling all over the Bay Area for visits with children’s specialists. 

Through our collaboration with Stanford Children’s Health, we provide expert diagnosis and treatment of endocrine disorders for children of all ages—right here, close to home.  

In addition to your pediatric endocrinologist, your child’s care team may also include nurses and other healthcare providers—all who have advanced training in specifically treating children and teens.    

Meet Your Doctors

Suruchi Bhatia, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology

Children amaze me with their remarkable growth throughout childhood. I really love the chance to make a difference in the care of children and watch them blossom and grow over the years.

As a parent myself, I know that a visit with a Pediatric Specialist provokes anxiety and concern. My goal is to provide a calm, child-friendly and thorough evaluation, answer parents' questions, provide reassurance and clear next steps they can take. I strive to provide patients and families with the tools and information they need to understand and care for their child's health. In the end, I hope to demystify hormones and lessen everyone's anxiety about them.

Cristina Candido-Vitto, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology

I see pediatric patients with a wide range of conditions including diabetes, obesity, thyroid dysfunction, polycystic ovarian syndrome, early puberty, vitamin D deficiency and calcium abnormalities, pituitary and adrenal problems and other endocrine disorders.

In pediatric endocrinology we work with hormone problems, which have a profound effect on a child's life. For example, children with diabetes experience an intrusion into their daily activities. Knowing they have full support from their doctor and entire medical team makes a big difference. My goal is to help improve the quality of each child's life.

Sara Moassesfar, MD

Pediatric Endocrinology

I became a pediatric endocrinologist because I enjoy working with children and have a passion for the medical sciences, particularly when it comes to treating conditions related to the hormonal pathways. I have a close family member with type 1 diabetes, so I am intimately familiar with how it affects one's life and I am aware of the approaches we can take to build diabetes care into our daily routines.

Having personally faced the challenges of managing a chronic medical condition, I have a lot of empathy for what families in similar situations experience. My goal is to educate patients and families about their condition and partner with them to optimize their treatment and quality of life. 

What Our Partnership With Stanford Children’s Health Means For Your Family

Your pediatrician referred you to us, and we want you to know that you’re in good hands. Our collaboration marries the best of two worlds for our patients and their families by bringing Stanford Children's Health expertise and innovation into a community-based setting that keeps families close to home. Together, our partnership provides:

  • Expert Care from Stanford Children’s Health Doctors: From office visits to hospital procedures and stays at our Walnut Creek Medical Center, you can rest easy knowing that your child will be cared for by some of the nation’s top pediatric specialists—without having to travel to outside of the East Bay.
  • Comprehensive Care, Conveniently Close: Any hospital-based services your child may need—ranging from simple blood work and imaging to infusion therapies—can all be conveniently done at our Walnut Creek Medical Center by staff who are highly trained in treating children of all ages, using specialized equipment designed just for children. 
  • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): If your child requires complex care, you’ll have the added peace of mind that our PICU—staffed 24/7 by Stanford Children’s Health doctors and John Muir Health nurses and other care providers—is right here at our Walnut Creek Medical Center. Learn more about our PICU.

Learn more about Stanford Children’s Health and our partnership.

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