Talking to Your Doctor about Bladder Leaks

Talking to Your Doctor About Bladder Leaks

While bladder leaks can be embarrassing to talk about, they're more common than you think.   

Almost one in four women struggles with poor bladder control but many never seek treatment because they don't know how many simple and easy treatment options there are. So it's worth asking your doctor about your symptoms. She's used to talking about these problems and can refer you to John Muir Health's Continence Services for a comprehensive evaluation. Here are some tips to start the conversation.

How to Discuss Bladder Control, Leakage and Other Incontinence Problems with Your Doctor

  1. During your next office visit, bring up that you've had some problems such as:
    • I wear pads or liners for protection against leakage
    • I have trouble going to the bathroom or urinating
    • I often experience a sudden and unexpected urge to urinate
    • I feel pain when I urinate
    • My bladder leaks when I laugh, sneeze, jump or move
  2. Describe how often these symptoms occur and when they started (for example, after your baby was born).
  3. Ask your doctor where you could go for diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor can likely refer you to John Muir Health.
  4. Download, print and bring with you to your doctor's appointment our referral form for your physician to complete so you can meet with one of our clinic professionals to begin treatment.

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