Tips to Improve Continence

Tips to Improve Continence

When it comes to bladder leaks or urinary incontinence in women, there are plenty of myths out there.  

Many people think that urinary incontinence is something that comes with age and that wearing a pad or panty liner is really their best option.

Urinary Incontinence is a Medical Condition, Not Part of Getting Old

Incontinence is common but it's not normal. It's a medical condition, often brought on by life moments such as pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause. It isn't a natural part of aging that you must accept. And pads are only a messy, temporary solution. At John Muir Health, we offer many easy, effective and non-invasive treatments for permanent relief of urinary incontinence in women.

For many women, simple lifestyle and behavior changes are all that is needed to stop bladder leaks. As part of our treatment plan, we work with you to identify and make these important changes. Here are just a few of the recommendations we suggest to potentially relieve a leaky bladder and improve your pelvic health.

Tips to Improve Continence

  1. Avoid foods and drinks that can irritate the bladder. These include caffeinated beverages, artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks, spicy foods, and citrus juices.
  2. Make sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water daily and get plenty of fiber. Many people think that reducing liquids can help but concentrated urine can irritate the bladder and cause other health problems.
  3. Try Kegel exercises that strengthen your pelvic muscles to improve your bladder control.
  4. If you are overweight, relieve some of the pressure that extra weight puts on your bladder by losing a few pounds.
  5. Set up a schedule. Voiding on a schedule, or "timed voids" may help prevent leaks. Sometimes you may realize your bladder is full without warning and there isn't enough time before getting the message and making it to the bathroom. Our clinical staff can help you set up a schedule to retrain the bladder.
  6. Stop smoking. Not only can coughing associated with smoking lead to stress incontinence but cigarette smoking itself can be irritating to the bladder surface.

Urinary Incontinence Can Be Easily Treated

You don't have to keep using uncomfortable messy pads. John Muir Health's team of experts can help you make the lifestyle changes and get the treatment you need to permanently solve embarrassing bladder leaks. Contact us today at (925) 941-7900 to talk privately with a professional about how we can help.

Get the Relief You've Been Waiting For

Call (925) 941-7900 today to talk privately with a professional about how we can help. Or, contact us online and a clinic representative will contact you to discuss your next steps.

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