Many pharmaceutical companies offer free or low-cost medications to low-income patients through their patient assistance programs. These programs serve people who can’t afford the medications they need.


Eligibility criteria vary by program. Some programs have clearly defined income limits, while others approve applications on a case-by-case basis. Approval may take eight weeks or more, though some companies offer instant approval by telephone.

All programs require annual submission of an application and income verification to continue in the program. Refills often require submission of an application. Pain medications and narcotics are not available through these programs.

How to Apply

Senior Services helps John Muir Health doctors patients apply for these programs. If you are having difficulty paying for prescription medicines, please contact Senior Services at (925) 947-3300.

If you’re a John Muir Health patient, you’ll need to provide Senior Services with the following minimum information in order to apply for medication assistance:

  1. Name
  2. Social Security number
  3. Address
  4. Telephone
  5. Doctor’s name
  6. Number of people in household
  7. Marital status
  8. Known allergies
  9. Date of birth
  10. List of medications, including dosage and frequency
  11. Diagnosis or reason for needing the medication
  12. Gross monthly or annual income including some type of verification, such as Social Security statement or income tax return
  13. Disclosure of any public or private health insurance coverage, whether it covers prescription medication or not
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