Weight Management Program

At John Muir Health, we provide our patients with resources and tools for weight loss to help ensure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Since 1982, we have been offering a special medically supervised weight loss program, called Doctors Answer, for individuals who are looking to lose weight and have a BMI of 30 or greater. This unique approach to weight loss enables you to lose weight safely and rapidly. At the same time, you will receive psychological and nutritional guidance to ensure long term success.

Patients are assisted and supported by physicians, nurse practitioners, a behavioral therapist, registered dietitians, medical assistants and qualified administrative staff. We work together as a team, not only to help you reach your target weight, but to provide you with the skills to maintain long-term control over your weight.

Doctors Answer is a structured program that meets weekly, even after you have successfully met your target weight loss goal. The weekly sessions include behavioral and nutritional education, psychological counseling, and medical monitoring. Unlike traditional weight loss programs where 95% of individuals who lose weight regain it within one year, our program emphasizes weight control after your weight loss goal is reached.

Program Components
Liquid Fasting

One of the key components of the program is liquid fasting, which is a very safe and effective weight loss method when done under the direct supervision of a physician. You will be monitored and guided during the fasting phase by board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners.

Counseling and Support

On-going group counseling and support sessions with a licensed therapist are an important aspect of the program. It is crucial to understand the underlying reasons for your weight problem in order to successfully maintain your weight loss. Understanding how psychological factors can contribute to weight gain and developing ways to cope with them can help you avoid the “yo-yo” weight loss and gain that often occurs with weight loss programs.

Nutritional Instruction

Learning about food facts and healthy nutrition tips from a registered dietitian is an essential part of the program. This will help you to maintain your weight loss and live a healthy, energized lifestyle.

Liquid supplement ingredients

The Doctors Answer dietary supplement consists of a well-balanced, high quality protein and carbohydrate mixture with added minerals and vitamins. It will provide 100% of your body’s daily nutritional requirements. The supplement is filling, satisfying, and safe.

What to Expect

You may feel hungry for the first few days of the liquid fast, which is normal as your body undergoes a period of adjustment. Most patients find they have increased energy following the adjustment period. Women average a weight loss of 3 pounds per week and men average a weight loss of 5 pounds per week. Some patients lose more.


Our physician will partner with you prior to beginning the program to determine a safe weight loss goal for you. Once you reach your desired weight loss through liquid fasting, food is gradually reintroduced back into your diet. Program support is continued once weight loss goal is met, in order to help you maintain your weight loss and keep it off.

Eligibility and Insurance Coverage

The Doctors Answer program is specifically for people 21 years of age or older, who have a BMI of 30 or greater. Most insurance plans do not cover weight loss programs, but we encourage you to call your insurance carrier for questions about your specific plan. Payment is required in advance of starting the program.

For more information, please call us at (925) 296-9080.

Weight Management Program
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