Your Weight Loss Surgery Experience

Your Weight Loss Surgery Experience

Successful weight loss surgery involves much more than the operation itself. We guide and support you through the entire process to help you achieve long-term weight loss and improved health.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The surgery date is usually at least two months after initial contact.
  • The surgeon will determine what tests are needed to clear you for surgery, and whether you can proceed.
  • The surgeon will discuss surgical options and recommend a procedure based on your situation.

Every patient’s experience will differ, but the three phases below describe how the process generally moves along.

Find out if weight loss surgery is right for you by learning more about the types of surgery, attending a free informational seminar, and finding out if you qualify. Determine how you will pay for this procedure by working with your health insurance company.
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Once you've qualfied, you'll learn more about the surgery by attending a class and support group session and obtain necessary health clearances.
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Follow up
Post-surgery, you'll work with our nurse specialist and attend support group meetings to help you adopt habits that will help you achieve weight loss.
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