Our Programs

Our Programs and Partnerships

The John Muir Health Community Health Improvement Department manages our community programs and partnerships.  

Selection Criteria

John Muir Health focuses its efforts on programs that address vulnerable populations which include those with:

  • Evidenced-based disparities in health outcomes, such as African Americans with heart disease, African American women with breast cancer, and African Americans and Latinos with diabetes
  • Significant barriers to care, including isolation, frailty, language or cultural barriers, transportation or mobility challenges, and difficulty voicing healthcare needs (such as children experience)
  • Economic disadvantages, as experienced by uninsured, underinsured, and working poor residents

Community Health Needs Assessment

Every three years John Muir Health and other community hospitals collaboratively conduct a community assessment to identify changes in demographics and health issues so that their community benefit programs can be focused on the populations most at risk. The following reports are the result of this work.

2013 Community Health Needs Assessment Report (10.9MB)

Our Programs

In addition, John Muir Health works with partners who have specific capabilities to better leverage our funding and support programs where measurable impact can be determined.