Pharmacy Residency Program

The goal of the Pharmacy Residency Program is to develop well-rounded pharmacists who serve with professional competence: the ability to use professional knowledge and clinical skills to solve patient-related problems, to foster development of leadership, professional education, administrative, distributive and teaching responsibilities such that residents will become effective and marketable pharmaceutical care providers in a variety of practice settings, or to transition to a PGY2.

The Residency Experience

The residency experience is a structured, yet flexible, program providing training in all areas of a modern hospital pharmacy operation. It integrates clinical, administrative and distributive functions to assist the resident in developing the skills necessary to become pharmaceutical care professionals. Experiences can be tailored to fit the resident’s specific goals. The scope of clinical services includes antithrombotic therapy, antimicrobial management, pharmacokinetic dosing, renal dosing, electrolyte management, total parenteral nutrition, pain management, insulin management and IV to PO. In addition, residents complete a research project suitable for presentation at the Western States Conference, as well as gain distributive skills (i.e., staffing) through hands-on participation in the medication-use process.

Core Rotations 

  • General Medicine
  • Ambulatory Care  
  • Critical Care  
  • Pediatrics 

Elective Rotations 

  • Medication Safety
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • And more

Longitudinal Experiences

  • Operational Staffing
  • Pharmacy Administration
How to Apply
Contact Us

General information:

Residency Program Director: Ramy Khem PharmD BCPS BCCCP     

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