John Muir Health has a unique model of providing free breast cancer screening and diagnostic services through California's Every Woman Counts Program.

John Muir Cancer Institute developed "one-stop shopping" monthly clinics that provide most breast health services at one location on the same day. The program is designed for low-income, uninsured women 40 years of age and older at risk for breast cancer, with a focus on underserved populations.

At the clinics, patients receive culturally appropriate education and information on early detection, breast self-exam instruction, clinical breast exams, screening, and diagnostic mammography. Ultrasound and same-day core breast biopsy are also provided if appropriate. Interpreters are available at every clinic and transportation can also be arranged.

To learn more about this program, please contact us or call (925) 674-2662.

Patient Story

It was shocking to discover a mass in my left breast on a morning after exercise class. I tried to wrap my mind around something that was so unfamiliar and frightening. I never considered I would ever have to deal with this alone. Besides that, this just couldn't be happening to me! The Every Woman Counts Program was absolutely essential to my situation. The devoted and caring staff helped me navigate the process and provided me with answers to my questions. The diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and core needle biopsy were all done in one day. The diagnosis was breast cancer and the staff took immediate action in developing a custom care plan. I was enrolled in the Breast and Cervical Cancer Treatment Program and referred to a specialist for treatment. If the program didn't exist I think I would have panicked and stopped moving forward. I am so grateful for the support, confidence, education, referrals and guidance that I received through the Every Woman Counts Program. Most importantly, my life was at stake and I didn't lose precious time thanks to the expedited services and treatment.

"I am so grateful for the support, confidence, education, referrals and guidance that I received..."

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