The Lung Cancer Screening program offered by the John Muir Clinical Research Center in conjunction with John Muir Health Cancer Institute, provides low-dose, non-contrast computerized tomogram (CT) scans of the lungs to people at high risk of developing lung cancer. With early detection of lung cancer, better treatment options are available to the patient, ultimately leading to improved survival and quality of life for this population. Patients receive appropriate education and information about early detection and results of the CT scan are provided along with recommendations for any follow up if required. If an abnormality is found on the initial scan, the patient will be counseled about recommended follow up. Patients requiring additional studies will be closely followed by their primary care physician and the research team at John Muir Health. To learn more about this program, please contact us or call (925) 674-2660

Patient Story

A mother from Sacramento who has lung cancer and a very strong family history of lung cancer called to enroll her daughter who currently smokes in the lung cancer screening program. At the scheduled appointment time, her son joined them, hoping that he too could participate in the screening. He had a history of smoking, but had quit years previously. He was unemployed and had no way to pay for it. He had no primary care physician, however, the physician was willing to review the results and offer referrals if needed. Due to the funding available, he didn't have to worry about the cost of the scan. Incidentally, the daughter, who was still an active smoker at the time, accepted smoking cessation information, coupons for available smoking cessation products, support phone numbers and general information about smoking cessation. She indicated that she was planning to stop smoking.

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