The Monument Community Senior Services Outreach Program (MCSSO) provides outreach, case management and advocacy to promote safety, health and social wellbeing among seniors living in the Monument Corridor or attend the activities for seniors in the Monument Corridor neighborhood. Activities include outreach efforts, individual case management and organizing seniors to become involved in their community.

Participant Story

"New opportunities for work and sharing have developed through the friends and social network he has developed at MCSSO."

Mr. Jose Luna first learned about the Monument Corridor Senior Services Outreach (MCSSO) program by referral. Mr. Luna is 62 years old and very sociable. At first, Mr. Luna was quiet when attending the luncheons and other social activities, but he became more expressive after he gained confidence and became better acquainted with the other seniors. Mr. Luna participated in several different community activities. He carried the flag from his country of origin, El Salvador, at the First Five Center Hispanic Heritage Celebration in September. Mr. Luna attended six nutrition classes at the First 5 Center. The Concord Senior Center adopted Mr. Luna for Christmas and helped him apply for food stamps. On three different occasions, Mr. Luna and a friend he made at MCSSO surprised us with their unexpected, yet much appreciated, janitorial and landscaping work at Queen of All Saint's church, Monument Community Partnership and the First 5 Center. Mr. Luna has clearly enjoyed participating in the program. It has helped him make new friends and locate beneficial community resources. Even though he continues to struggle financially, through the case management and advocacy services provided by MCSSO, he is in a better position. New opportunities for work and sharing have developed through the friends and social network he has developed at MCSSO, and the case management services have also helped him find much needed community resources.

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