The Community Nurse program funds a nurse in schools that have a high percentage of students eligible for the federal free lunch program. The Community Nurse advances the well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement of students by promoting health and safety, intervening with health problems, providing care management services, and connecting the students and their families with community resources to build student and family capacity for a healthy life.

Success Story

Following is a testimonial from a community nurse:

"During a mass lice screening I identified a student with lice. This was the third time the student was being sent home for lice. His attendance had become an issue and he was falling behind academically. I had a face-to-face conference with the student's parent and discovered she was having difficulty reading the treatment procedures being sent home regarding lice treatment. In addition, she could not afford the medication for treatment. I spent time instructing the parent and student on the treatment and how to treat the hair at home. In addition, I sent them home with the needed supplies. The child returned to school after two days and had no further outbreaks."

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