The Mobile Dental Clinic provides low-income patients up to age 19 with restorative and preventive dental care, connections to a family dentist for ongoing care, and help enrolling in an insurance program. Many participants have no prior history of dental care.

The Mobile Dental Clinic offers free services through the Dental Collaborative of Contra Costa.

Ronald McDonald House Charities provided the fully equipped clinic with two operatories, including X-rays. The County's Children's Oral Health program provides screening and triage in low-income schools. La Clínica de la Raza and Brookside/Lifelong Medicare Care provide dental care, patient registration, assistance with eligibility and enrollment, and help in establishing a connection to a dental and medical “home” for the child and the family. John Muir Community Health Alliance provides the clinic driver and coordinates the maintenance and operation of the mobile clinic.

Patient Story

"When Jools came to live with us he was missing three front teeth and had multiple dental problems. Jools was quiet and did not speak nor smile often. He always used his hand to cover his mouth while he talked or laughed. I realized he was embarrassed because of his missing teeth. He was referred to La Clinica for the Mobile Dental Clinic and now he is in the process of having his dental procedures done. Jools was so happy to have his teeth taken care of and for having his stay plate on. Since then, he finally brought a friend home and is now showing an increased self-esteem and self-confidence. I would like to thank Dr. Arica, Mobile Dental Clinic and La Clinica Dental Clinic for the kindness and hard work you did to help one teenager be himself and have a better future simply because he can smile. Thanks A Million." 

"Since then, he finally brought a friend home and is now showing an increased self-esteem and self-confidence"

For Appointments Call:

East Contra Costa County: (925) 580-9899
West Contra Costa County: (510) 231-9814
General Information: (925) 941-7900, Option 1

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