It helps to have a John Muir gynecologist who knows your health history and can tell you which services you need and when. To find a gynecologist near you, go to Find a Doctor. Some have videos, so you can get to know them better. 

From regular screenings to support services, classes and special events, John Muir Health offers a full range of women’s health services in downtown Walnut Creek.


Bone Health Services

(925) 941-7990

One of the most common conditions in women, early detection through bone density scans can lessen your chances of fracture. We also offer treatment and exercise training for women at risk.

Breast Health Center

(925) 947-3322

To help maintain good breast health, our multidisciplinary team supports you through screenings, diagnosis, treatment and education.

Lactation Services

(925) 941-7900

First baby or fourth, breastfeeding can be tricky. Get help to make nursing work for both of you with the help of classes, nurse specialists, lactation consultants, and your own pregnancy assistant.

Gynecologic Cancer

(925) 947-3322

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts treat the toughest cancer cases.


(925) 952-2701

We understand that your peace of mind depends on regular mammograms, but you might worry about the effects of radiation. That’s why we offer low-dosage imaging for a safe and accurate diagnosis.

Pregnancy, Birth & Parenting

(925) 941-7900

Having a baby is a life-changing journey for both mom and dad. We give you support every step of the way from planning and pregnancy through labor, delivery and beyond.

Pregnancy Planning & Fertility

(925) 941-7900

When you and your partner are having difficulty getting pregnant, we offer treatment options to help you through the challenges of infertility.

Weight Loss Services

(925) 941-7900

Try as you might, it’s hard to lose weight and keep it off. Get the help you need through nutritional programs, exercise and support groups.

Wig Source

(925) 947-5328

We offer free wigs and fittings to help make hair loss due to medical treatment a little less unpleasant.

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