John Muir Health's Physician Network Earns Top Ranking from the California Association of Physician Groups

Walnut Creek, Calif. (June 27, 2016) – For the sixth consecutive year, John Muir Health's Physician Network achieved the highest possible "elite" ranking in CAPG's annual Standards of Excellence™ survey. The annual survey evaluates physician groups and networks based upon how well-equipped and organized they are to deliver a high-quality patient experience, coordinate care and provide for population health programs, while at the same time improving the overall affordability of health care services.

"By achieving the highest ranking again this year, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to providing our patients with the highest quality and most cost effective care," said Lee Huskins, President and Chief Administrative Officer of John Muir Health's Physician Network. "I want to thank our highly-skilled and dedicated physicians and staff for providing the type of care and experience that our patients expect and deserve."

CAPG is the leading U.S. association for physician groups practicing capitated, coordinated care. The Standards of Excellence survey is a voluntary, critical self-assessment for CAPG's more than 250 medical group members in 40 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Since 2013, CAPG has collaborated with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) on the application, analysis, scoring, and reporting of the survey.

"Our survey is recognized as the industry standard by which the nation's healthcare systems can assess the delivery of accountable and value-based care and improve patient care coordination, in line with ongoing healthcare reform," said Donald Crane, CAPG President and CEO. "We're proud to partner with the NCQA on the application, analysis, scoring and reporting of the survey, which has proven to have real-world benefits."

In this year's survey, 70 physician groups achieved the highest possible, or "elite," ranking based on outstanding performance in the following categories (domains 1-5 are publicly reported):

  • Domain 1—Care Management Practices: Clinical system supports for quality and efficiency on a population scale.
  • Domain 2—Information Technology: Funnel for accurate, actionable information to support clinical decisions and coordinate team care.
  • Domain 3—Accountability and Transparency: Response to the public demand for objective information regarding performance, patient service, and regulatory compliance.
  • Domain 4—Patient-Centered Care: Critical components of access, convenience, cultural responsiveness, and customized individual care.
  • Domain 5—Group Support of Advanced Primary Care: Patient-centered Medical Home model and how it's used to revitalize the discipline of primary care.
  • Domain 6—Administrative and Financial Capability: Management of complex relationships, diverse revenue streams, innovative payment alignment, and risk-based payments. (Informational only with no public reporting.)

"We are always looking to measure ourselves and improve," said Richard Fraioli M.D., Medical Director of John Muir Health's Physician Network. "As the health care environment changes rapidly, we continue to be at the forefront of several patient-centered care initiatives through our involvement in Accountable Care Organizations and multiple Medical Home programs, all supported by a robust electronic health records system. These initiatives are focused on delivering the right care at the right time and in the most appropriate seating whether that's a physician's office, outpatient center or the hospital."

This year, 114 organizational members participated in the self-assessment, covering 11.6 million people in the commercial line of business, including Medicare Advantage, along with an additional estimated 3.1 million individuals in government programs.

"This survey is truly a self-reflection of how physician organizations see themselves making a difference in patient lives through their care and commitment to every aspect of their jobs," said Amy Nguyen Howell, MD, CAPG's Chief Medical Officer. "It starts by putting patients above all else, and emphasizing value over volume, along with strong team-based care. We're proud of what they've done as leaders in making patient-centered, coordinated care catch on across the entire spectrum of healthcare systems nationwide."

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