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Who should get the RSV vaccine?

The CDC recommends that adults age 60+, pregnant women between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy, babies 0-8 months and children 8-19 months with increased risk of severe RSV infection get an RSV vaccine.


Can I get an RSV vaccine at John Muir Health?

Adults 60+

RSV vaccines for adults 60+ are not covered for administration at John Muir Health under Medicare. RSV vaccines are available at local pharmacies and are covered by Medicare if you receive at a pharmacy. Remember, it's always a good idea to check your health insurance plan's vaccine coverage before scheduling.

Pregnant women, 32-36 weeks

Available starting in October in many of our OB/GYN offices. Talk to your doctor at your regular OB/GYN visits to discuss whether and when to get the vaccine.

Babies who are age 0-8 months by Oct 1

Available starting in late October, in many of our pediatrics provider offices. Vaccine will be given during well-child visits at your pediatrician's office.


Can I get a flu shot, Covid-19 shot and RSV shot at the same time?

It's fine to get your flu vaccine and Covid-19 vaccine at the same time, though keep in mind that it's possible you may not feel well the next day. Because the RSV vaccine is new, however, there is little information on how it might interact with the other two vaccines. It's best to get an RSV vaccine at a separate time from your flu or Covid-19 vaccine.