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In 1992, John Muir Health was the first medical institution in Northern California to perform laparoscopic colorectal surgery just a year after the procedure had been performed for the first time.

John Muir Health is very experienced in using minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat cancer.

Being early adopters of medical breakthroughs has made John Muir Health a leader in performing minimally invasive surgery on certain types of cancer including:

The Result Is a Better Outcome for You

Several studies have demonstrated that minimally invasive surgical techniques have equal or better outcomes than traditional open surgeries, but with faster recovery times and less discomfort for the patient.

For a minimally invasive surgical procedure, the surgeon will make a few small incisions then insert a video camera-equipped scope (for example, a laparoscope, thoracoscope, or an endoscope) to serve as the doctor’s eyes inside the patient’s body. The surgeon will then insert miniaturized instruments through the other incisions to perform the actual surgery.

Not all procedures can be treated with minimally invasive techniques, but if the opportunity presents itself we have the experience and knowledge to use these techniques to treat you with the best care possible.

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