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Life Beyond Cancer (Survivorship)

Because cancer treatment becomes such an all-encompassing part of your life, making the transition back to your normal life can be a difficult process. John Muir Health offers a survivorship program dedicated to helping you adjust to your post-treatment recovery.

Our goal is to help you get back to a life no longer defined primarily by your cancer.

Living Well Beyond Cancer

The end of your treatment can be a disorienting time full of questions and concerns. How do you know the cancer is completely gone? How long will these side effects last? Is it normal to feel so low in energy?

Shortly before your treatment ends, the Survivorship Nurse Navigator assesses your current condition then develops a care plan, which is your roadmap back to complete recovery. Your care plan may include:

  • Tips for living with and managing your symptoms
  • Dietary advice and eating timeline
  • Activity periods
  • Rest periods
  • Resources and referrals for additional support and services

We are available anytime after your treatment to provide advice and support as you progress through your recovery.

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