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Breast Cancer Surgery

Surgery is the first treatment approach for almost all breast cancers. Our experience with the most advanced minimally invasive breast cancer surgical techniques often helps us achieve our goal of preserving as much of the breast as possible without endangering your long-term prognosis.

Our guiding philosophy is to preserve as much of the breast as possible.

Lumpectomy – A breast-conserving procedure for a localized breast cancer involves the surgical removal of the lump and a small amount of tissue surrounding the lump.

Partial Mastectomy – Another breast-conserving procedure involving a wider excision to remove a greater amount of tissue around the lump. A quadrantectomy removes approximately one-fourth of the breast.

Simple Mastectomy – Removal of the breast tissue, leaving the underlying chest muscle intact.

Modified Radical Mastectomy – A simple mastectomy combined with auxiliary lymph node removal.

Breast Reconstruction – Our surgeons utilize innovative oncoplastic techniques during breast cancer surgery to minimize scarring and preserve the shape and size of the breast as much as possible. If a masectomy is required, plastic surgeons offer various options to reconstruct the breast such as tissue expanders and implants, including:

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