Lung Cancer Services

Lung Cancer

“They’re not only empathetic and compassionate, they’re highly skilled and intelligent people. I like the fact that I could bring all my family members into the doctor’s office, and we were all free to talk to her about my concerns. She answered all our questions.”  

Lung cancer is best treated when detected early. With our deep experience and resources, we can move immediately into treatment when lung cancer is diagnosed.

John Muir Health has developed a reputation in the Bay Area for being a leader in lung cancer detection and treatment.

For more information about our lung cancer services, please call (925) 947-3322.

John Muir Health uses a wide array of diagnostic tools, including advanced minimally invasive technologies, to make a fast and accurate diagnosis.
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Our highly experienced team of radiologists and pathologists uses a broad range of diagnostic tools to quickly and accurately provide a diagnosis in the most minimally invasive way possible.
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The majority of our lung cancer surgeries use minimally invasive techniques, and we offer the most advanced radiation and chemotherapy options.
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Our seven-week pulmonary rehabilitation program teaches patients breathing techniques and how to live well beyond cancer.
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