With urgency being absolutely crucial for someone who is having a “brain attack,” John Muir Health features two stroke centers that excel in the rapid recognition and treatment of stroke victims and in helping them restore as much of their functionality as possible.

John Muir Health’s two campuses are two of only three California hospitals to receive “Triple Gold” for excellence in stroke care.

The care for stroke patients at John Muir Health is a highly coordinated effort, involving a number of diverse, specially trained individuals who are experienced in treating stroke patients. It is a very personal form of care that very much involves the patients and their caregivers in the process of getting stroke patients back to their lives.

Stroke Centers of Excellence

Designated by The Joint Commission as the first certified primary stroke centers in Contra Costa and Alameda counties in 2005, John Muir Health continues to be recognized for the high level of service we provide stroke patients. We have received multiple gold level achievement awards from the American Heart and American Stroke Associations as part of their “Get with the Guidelines” program.

What this means for the patient is not only can you can expect the highest level of care from our stroke centers, you will learn what you need to do to reduce the risk of having a second stroke.

Our team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, emergency medicine doctors, hospitalists (a doctor who specializes the care of who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients), and interventional radiologists (a doctor who uses minimally invasive methods to treat conditions with radiation) deploy the most innovative techniques available for treating stroke patients.

Our state-of-the-art Interventional Neuroradiology Suite features advanced imaging technology that allows physicians to view every blood vessel in the human brain with extraordinary clarity and to provide safer, faster, and more effective treatment. Neuropsychologists, rehabilitation therapists, and nurses then work closely with you in your recovery.

John Muir Health is very active in educating the community with our Stroke Prevention Program, dedicated to raising awareness about ways to reduce the risk of having a stroke and ways to recognize the subtle symptoms at the onset of a stroke.

Our Locations

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