Pastoral Care Training

Pastoral Care Training Program

This program offered through Pastoral Care Services, Walnut Creek includes fieldwork, internship, and clinical pastoral educationexperiences for students from the Bay Area’s Graduate Theological Union andbeyond. Through our program, more than 30 seminarians representing numerousfaith groups and 11 graduate theological schools have met clinical pastoraleducation requirements for ordination and/or degree programs.

The pastoral care training program provides students with anmulti-faith, multicultural experience working alongside experienced chaplains,including our large team of registered community clergy and lay visitors. Thefaculty includes staff from medicine, psychiatry, nursing, neuropsychology, andsocial work. In addition to a 40-hour-per-week program, we offer an extendedprogram for students who want to continue their studies or employment whilethey train. Stipends are available through the Father Carl Gracely Endowment.