Vulnerable Population Health

This is a clinical and community-based rotation that is designed to introduce and involve residents in the Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual model of patient care that we believe enhances rapport, improves patient care and physician satisfaction, and promotes community engagement and focuses our residents’ training on “upstream” community challenges, needs, and policies.

This six-week rotation exposes residents to a variety of community sites, clinical experiences, and creative projects. Residents will work as part of the team with site partners, patients, cohort members, residency faculty, and others. Residents are directly supervised by vulnerable population health (VPH) curricular co-chair and consulting faculty.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Behave and communicate effectively in an intercultural situation.
  • Use the best science to set mutual health goals and provide services in the context of the patient’s culture and health beliefs.
  • Examine factors that contribute to health disparities, particularly social, economic, environmental, health, systems, and access
  • Critically assess the meaning and effect of their multiple identities, statuses, privilege, and power on developing professional relationships.
  • Exhibit openness and tolerance for the ambiguity, complexity, and discomfort essential in developing cross-cultural relationships.

Location(s): Family Medicine Residency Practice and various locations throughout Contra Costa County

Distance from Family Medicine Residency Practice: 0.0 m – 29.0 m

Vulnerable Population Sample Schedule, Education Experiences:

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
AM Meals on Wheels Beyond Violence Program Practice Management / Mobile Clinic Chaplain Exchange Program Monument Crisis Mobile Health Clinic
PM Team Based Clinic Team Based Clinic 12 Step or HIV Group Team Based Clinic Team Based Clinic Team Based Clinic  


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