Dear John Muir Health Applicants:

We are now entering our 2nd official year as a future-focused, innovative, Practice PLUS Family Medicine Residency Program integrated into our high-value, well-resourced and nationally recognized health system at John Muir Health. We are in unprecedented times of transformation in the delivery of both healthcare and residency education. Our Family Medicine Program is being built on a strong and stable foundation of excellence in patient care---while delivering leading-edge Clinic First Team-based Care, including Integrated Behavioral Health in our Residency Practice and Program. We have reframed Clinic First into Practice PLUS to fully describe our transformational educational model centered on team-based Residency Practice. Our key educational priority is to develop the new full-spectrum Family Physicians of the Future---ready to meet the growing demands for both clinical and beyond-clinical skills required to succeed in our rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

Practice: Not just a place called “clinic”---our Residency Practice goes beyond the walls of our clinic into our communities, especially involving our most vulnerable populations.

We created our Residency Practice using the guidance of the 6 Actions to Achieve Transformation Clinic First Model

  1. Design resident schedules that prioritize continuity of care and eliminate tension between inpatient and outpatient duties.
  2. Develop a small core of Residency Practice Faculty
  3. Create operational excellence in the Residency Practice
  4. Build stable Practice teams that give residents, staff, preceptors and patients a sense of belonging.
  5. Increase resident time spent in primary Residency Practice to enhance ambulatory learning and patient access.
  6. Engage residents as co-leaders of practice transformation

PLUS—going beyond the Residency Practice

P is for Partnership & Teamwork development
L is for Leadership & Advocacy training with real-world experiences and activities.
U is for YOU, our people’s well-being matters to us
S is for Scholarly Improvement, linking scholarly & improvement projects in practice & program

We believe these are the skill-sets required for all future family physicians, which has been confirmed by recent publication of the Physician Job Description 2020

We just completed our 2nd year match with eight (8) truly remarkable residents to join our pioneering first class in June, 2018. We believe we have achieved our success through putting the needs of our learners---especially medical students and residents---at the center of all our major decisions and design for our program. Our residents have been actively engaged in improving our program from day one---helping us re-design and improve, for example, our innovative Vulnerable Population Health six-week rotation in our first year. We believe these improvements will give our incoming first-year class an even better experience engaging in training with our growing number of Community Partnerships. Our residents also helped us secure nearly $1 million in Song-Brown Grant funding to expand our Mobile Health Teaching Clinic and develop innovative Group Behavioral-Diabetes Health Clinics with our FQHC Partner La Clinica at their Monument Health Center. We hope to further expand our FQHC engagement in areas of high-need in West Contra Costa in our next Grant application.

Our Residency Program represents a strong Private-Public partnership across John Muir Health (JMH), our JMH Community Health Improvement Program, JMH Foundation, many community partners, and our primary Health Plan partner for our practice, Contra Costa Health Plan (CCHP). Through our partnership with CCHP we have developed a very unique diversity of patients and payers in our Residency Practice, with 50% of our patients covered by CCHP (a Managed Medi-Caid Plan), and the other 50% made up of Medicare, Commercial health plans, and the uninsured. Our full-spectrum of payers provides our residents with hands-on training across multiple payers---making them likely some of the most capable graduates to care for patients in any setting, private or public.

Choosing your Residency Program is one of the most important decisions you can make as a Medical Student and we are confident our brand new program will provide you with the most comprehensive, transformative, and valuable training experience you can find. Our superb faculty include strong Family Physicians, Specialists, Quality improvement experts, Community Benefit leaders, system leaders, Care Coordinators, Nurses, MA’s and beyond. We are truly a learning community and we look forward to getting to know you better and to answer any questions you might have about our training program and our people.

We are especially interested in hearing from applicants who are team-players with grit and a have a strong desire to engage in our pioneering effort to further develop our trailblazing program focused on the future, not stuck in the past.

Come grow with us and become the next team-based Family Physician of the Future at John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency.



Jeremy Fish, MD
Program Director
John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency
Walnut Creek, CA    

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