We are very excited to introduce you to our leadership and team-driven, future-focused, learner and patient responsive Family Medicine Residency Program.   Healthcare is changing at an unprecedented pace, which requires our residency program to be strong and adaptable.

In times of rapid change, being responsive to patients and learners is vital to success—and allows for educational and patient care beneficial changes to be sustained and enhanced. Our Family Medicine Residency Program is being built on a strong and stable foundation of excellence in patient care—with the educational innovation and adaptability of a start-up training program.

John Muir Health has a long tradition of providing exceptional, high quality patient care through our two nationally recognized medical centers in Concord and Walnut Creek and our high-performance primary and specialty ambulatory care within the John Muir Physician Network. Our integrated healthcare system includes over 300 primary care physicians, 1000 specialists, thousands of nurses and other vital health team members.

Our new Family Medicine Residency Program builds on this solid foundation of clinical and leadership excellence in a system that is also rapidly and effectively adapting to the ever-changing healthcare landscape. We built our new, state-of-the-art Family Medicine Clinic for our Residency, in partnership with the John Muir Health Foundation and our Community Benefit program, to meet the needs of our growing and diverse community, especially those who continue to be vulnerable and underserved despite healthcare coverage expansion.

John Muir Health led one of the most successful Medicare Shared Savings Accountable Care Organizations and shared their tremendous savings with their Primary Care practices that were essential to their success. We recently launched a comprehensive new Bay Area wide Accountable Care Network with UCSF.

Our Family Medicine Residency Clinic will be the center-piece of our program. We are building the clinic from the ground up based on the principles and practice of teamwork—with unique team space for team meetings, group visits, team workshops and more.

We believe Practice Transformation is a journey and is centered around teamwork—which requires stable relationships between learners, faculty and support staff. Our residency nurses and support staff will be Team Faculty, co-trained with residents and faculty in areas such as leadership, teamwork, quality improvement, practice improvement, high reliability, digital health and more.

We have made patient, family and learner experience the top priority for year one of our Residency Clinic. Every major decision will be explored through the lens of patient, family and learner experience. We have a dynamic inter-professional team—led by our Associate Program Director and Residency Program Manager—called the Residency Clinic Steering Team that includes patients and representatives of all major stakeholders in the success of the residency. Once we have residents, we will have resident representatives on this important leadership team.

We believe full-spectrum training goes well beyond important clinical skills and we are building our residency to assure all of our residents receive strong and comprehensive clinical training as well as training in three often overlooked areas we see as key to the future success of family physicians:

Leadership: Clinical, Educational, Advocacy, Institutional, Community and beyond

Scholarship: Pragmatic, longitudinal community and practice-based hands-on workshops and projects including Vulnerable Population Health, Quality Improvement, High Reliability, Digital Health, Teaching, Research and Practice Improvement

Partnership: Unique and inclusive, inter-professional Curricular Development, community-residency partnership health programs such as Latina Mental/ Behavioral Health via trained promoters, Mobile Health Clinics and more.

We will assure our residents receive comprehensive, hands-on training in these vital areas by linking residents to specific sub-populations in Contra Costa County for their three-year Leadership Development Projects and providing community and faculty mentors as well as regular group training workshops led by inter-professional leaders inside and outside of John Muir Health in our Inter-Professional Leadership Development Track.

Early feedback from our new UCSF 3rd Year Medical Student Primary Care Clerkship indicates that we have developed a very strong and supportive learning environment for medical students. Throughout our website we will share some of what our UCSF Medical Students have to say about their very positive experiences as clerks at John Muir Health.

We will be expanding into 4th year clerkships in May 2016 and encourage interested students to apply in January.

We will begin accepting residency applications via ERAS and NRMP in September 2016 and match our first class of eight residents in March 2017 to begin in June 2017.

Thanks for your interest in John Muir Health’s new Family Medicine Residency Program and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to learn more about our program.


Jeremy Fish, M.D.
Residency Director
John Muir Health
Family Medicine Residency Program