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Welcome to the John Muir Health Family Medicine Community

Dear John Muir Health Applicant:  

We are delighted you are interested in joining our newly established UCSF-Affiliated, Community-based, Clinic First John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency learning, leading and caring community. Our residents and faculty embrace partnership, leadership, diversity, equity, well-being, and hands-on scholarly engagement to improve the health, lives and well-being of our communities. 

Our Family Medicine Residency Program was built from the ground up with the residents’ future in mind. We take our Clinic First Residency framework very seriously. We studied many high- performance programs across the US and selected our innovative modified Indianapolis model, which prioritizes building relationships, skills, and a sense of home within our team-based Residency Practice. In addition to our Clinic First framework, we built our curriculum around the principles of what we call Practice PLUS. This means we will provide our Residents with the experience, supervision, and training to optimize their ability to provide the following:  

  1. Practice: Excellent ambulatory-focused primary and urgent care, including common procedures and complex care  
  2. P Partnership and teamwork from bedside to board-rooms  
  3. L  Leadership and advocacy from clinical to leadership teams  
  4. U Resident well-being matters and self-care is a key priority  
  5. S  Scholarly and improvement projects that are meaningful and integrated  

  Our Practice PLUS model has also led to the creation of four new Residency Tracks. Residency Tracks are a way for interested and qualified residents to apply to take on added areas of training within a specific area of our program. Generally about two residents per class are accepted into each track, although that number may vary by year. Our four tracks are:  

1. Lifestyle Medicine Track  

  1.  Financial support for enrollment in American College of Lifestyle Medicine Online Curriculum.  
  2.  Additional experience and training in Lifestyle Medicine care and curriculum.  
  3.  Lifestyle Medicine Track Certificate upon successful completion  
  4.  Additional Lifestyle Medicine related conferences and materials.  

2. Leadership Track  

  1. We have a comprehensive Leadership Development Track including hands-on leadership experience in real-time combined with didactic and workshop series to strengthen your leadership skills in conflict engagement and resolution, running effective meetings, building strategy and operational plans, leading workshops and Annual Program Evaluation sessions, as well as self-care, leadership wellness and sustainability in high-change times like we are in. 
  2. This track will include financial support for leadership development within and beyond John Muir Health Family Medicine Residency Program.  
  3. Monthly leadership development sessions with Program Director and other leaders within John Muir Health.  
  4. Panel of leadership mentors to broaden personal leadership development.  
  5. Additional Leadership Development opportunities at conferences. 

3. Women’s Health Track 

  1. Women’s health across many phases of life, including adolescence, early career, parenting, mid-life, and post-menopausal. 
  2. Common women’s health procedures, including PAPs, IUD’s, Nexplanon, and soon Colposcopy training available. 
  3. Medication Termination training. 
  4. Advanced intrapartum care opportunities supported by FM-OB and private OB staff physicians, and dedicated L&D nursing team 
  5. Residency support AAFP modules and certification 

4. Community Medicine & Global Health Track 

  1. This track focuses on developing skills in partnership with many community partners, including our John Muir Health Foundation, JMH Community Benefits, and community-based organizations like Monument Crisis, Trinity Center, La Clinica, RYSE and others. 
  2. Track residents use elective time to focus on developing clinical and leadership skills across these important partnerships and provide didactics and workshops focused on community medicine and global health. 
  3. Track residents receive priority for additional Mobile Health Clinic shifts or global health trips during their elective rotations and Block 5 rotation. 
  4. Participation in the residency’s monthly Community Medicine & Grants Committee. 

  In addition to our Residency Tracks, all residents receive comprehensive training in these important areas:  

  1. Team-based Care: We integrate Behavioral Health, procedures, care coordination, pre-natal care, MSK-Sports, psychiatry and other training & support all within the walls of our Residency Practice.   Residents are able to perform warm-hand-offs for behavioral health in nearly all clinic half-days.   Residents are also paired into Practice Partnership with a class mate who helps with in-basket and clinical cross-coverage while partner is on inpatient services.     
  2. Vulnerable Population Health: Learning to care for vulnerable populations is new to medicine and a vital skill we need to succeed as Family Physicians in the decades to come. We expanded our residency training to include our Community Benefits partners across Mobile Health, La Clinica FQHC, Monument Crisis Center, Trinity Center, Putnam Clubhouse, RYSE and other important community partners.  Residents also complete suboxone waiver training during this rotation if not completed prior to residency, and engage in self-directed learning around social determinants of health, health equity and anti-racism. 
  3. Inpatient Training: Clinic First doesn’t mean we don’t take inpatient training seriously.  We know how much we all learn in hospitals. Our John Muir Medical Group Hospitalist Teaching Faculty are experienced and dynamic teachers who work side-by-side with our residents to care for adults in inpatient and ICU settings. Our Inpatient Pediatrics training is with Stanford Pediatric Faculty who provide excellent care and training to our residents. Our inpatient rotations are some of the most popular rotations we have.   
  4. Resident Workshops: We protect our residents’ time every Thursday afternoon so we can provide residents with hands-on workshop for our Clinical PLUS curriculum:   
    • Procedures and skills-building  
    • Clinical didactic across primary care, urgent. Emergent, and inpatient care  
    • Partnership and Teamwork development  
    • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Anti-Racism 
    • Leadership and Advocacy  
    • Well-being and Self-care  
    • Scholarly and Improvement project time  

We combine the curiosity of learning, the courage of leadership, and the caring of community to assure you will become the strongest, most effective team-centered family physician you can be.

Come grow with us !


Jeremy Fish, MD
Residency Program Director