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Medical Directors

Tanya Threewitt

Tanya Threewitt, MD
Executive Medical Director of Operations

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Tricia Yeap

Tricia Yeap, MD
Executive Medical Director Quality & Care Transition / Internal Medicine

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Melanie Lee

Melanie Lee, MD
Executive Medical Director Inpatient Services

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Yashwant Mehta

Yashwant Mehta, MD
Executive Medical Director Inpatient Services

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Olawunmi Beckley

Olawunmi Beckley, MD
Medical Director, Urgent Care Quality and Risk

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Preet Paul Bhambra

Preet Paul Bhambra, MD
Medical Director, Home Visits

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Smita Chandra

Smita Chandra, MD
Medical Director Palliative & Transitional Care

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Anna Chang

Anna Chang, MD 
Medical Director of Endocrinology

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Claudine Cho

Claudine Cho, NP
Medical Director Ambulatory Informatics & Technology

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Teginder Dhanoa

Teginder Dhanoa, MD
Medical Director Urgent Care Operations

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Rami G. Fasheh

Rami G. Fasheh, MD
Medical Director of Inpatient Quality

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Victoria Hsiao

Victoria Hsiao, MD
Associate Medical Director Urgent Care

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Betsy Jacobs

Betsy Jacobs, MD 
Medical Director Inpatient & Behavioral Health Programs

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Lowell Kleinman

Lowell Kleinman, MD
Medical Director Ambulatory Palliative Care

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Stacy Ly

Stacy Ly, MD 
Medical Director Inpatient Informatics

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Robin Meezan

Robin Meezan, MD
Medical Director Pediatrics and Medical Student Coordinator

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Neeta Milasincic

Neeta Milasincic, MD
Medical Director Inpatient Services

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Bian O'Connor

Bian O'Connor, MD
Medical Director of Inpatient Technology and Innovation Services

Delia Salgado-Lejano

Delia Salgado-Lejano, MD
Medical Director Compliance - Inpatient Services & Ambulatory

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Michael Schierman

Michael Schierman, MD
Medical Director Recruitment

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Caroline Schreiber,

Caroline Schreiber, MD 
Regional Medical Director - East Bay

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Jasleen Sohal

Jasleen Sohal, MD
Medical Director Family Medicine

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Karen Sonnenthal

Karen Sonnenthal, NP/PA
Director of Nurse Practitioners & Physician's Assistants

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