Professional Appearance

Professional Appearance

To reassure and comfort our patients, families, and other guests we ask our employees to dress appropriately   

Whatever role you play in our organization, your appearance is critical in the way you represent the professionalism of your career. As a leading healthcare provider, John Muir Health’s employees should project an image that reassures and comforts patients, families, and other guests.

Conveying professionalism in the workplace encompasses the way we communicate, how we express courtesy and body language, and what we wear. Presenting yourself in a professional manner helps to make the most of your contributions to our organization by keeping the focus on what you do and how well you do it, not on how you look or what you wear.

As a representative of John Muir Health, you provide critical services to our community. Your demeanor and dress should reflect the professionalism it takes to do your job and be neat, clean, and appropriate for the workplace.

While different departments may have specific policies regarding dress, there are several guidelines you should know about, including that:

  • Employees having contact with patients or visitors should refrain from using perfume, perfumed body lotion, or other substances emitting a fragrance
  • Body jewelry visible to patients, coworkers, and others, such as nose rings or any other jewelry in body parts other than ears, is not acceptable
  • Tattoos should remain covered