Once you are diagnosed with esophageal cancer, we already start focusing on helping you through recovery. 

Providing you a clear picture of what to expect helps to eliminate some of the fear and anxiety associated with your treatment.

One of your primary concerns undoubtedly will be how your treatment will affect your ability to swallow and eat. Your Nurse Navigator helps you and your family understand what to expect before and after surgery, and the road you’ll need to take to resume your usual activities like eating and drinking.

During surgery, she keeps your family apprised of your situation and continues helping you after surgery to make sure your needs are met. She then helps you and your family prepare for your at-home care situation.

In addition, a nutritional consultant helps you understand how and what you will need to eat before your treatment begins and after your treatment is complete.

Your Nurse Navigator is available to you long after you are discharged to answer any questions and steer you to any resources you need, including social workers, support groups, and spiritual support.

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