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Treatment for Esophageal Cancer

The management of esophageal cancer can be complex and involves multiple specialists in an effort to optimize patient outcomes. At John Muir Health, our multidisciplinary team approach starts at the time of initial evaluations to ensure that all members are in agreement with the plan of care. Treatment modalities for esophageal and often involves a combination of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and palliative interventions. Communication between specialists in these fields is needed to ensure adherence to national treatment guidelines as well as appropriate clinical decision making.

We offer a dedicated floor staffed with physicians, nurses, and staff members who are specially trained to treat this type of cancer. We engage you in a comprehensive program that includes education before, during, and after your treatment.

Empowering you and your support system with knowledge so you can be actively engaged in the healing process is one of our primary goals

Understanding Your Treatment Options

In the event you are diagnosed, with esophageal cancer, you are assigned a Nurse Navigator who helps you through the treatment and recovery process, making sure you understand what your treatment options are and that we are properly addressing all your concerns.

Your managing physician has access to a multi-disciplinary cancer case conference (tumor board) where a team of medical experts review complex cases and make treatment recommendations. The expert panel consists of a surgeons, medical oncologist, radiation oncologist, radiologist, and pathologist. Discuss with your physician whether this is an option for you.

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