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Robotic-Assisted Bronchoscopy

The Monarch™ Platform is innovative technology that provides a unique approach for visualizing and accessing small, peripheral nodules in hard-to-reach areas of the lung, enabling our doctors to make a more accurate diagnosis of possible early stage lung cancer.

robotic assisted bronchoscopy
Why robotic-assisted bronchoscopy

X-rays and CT scans sometimes identify the presence of nodules in the lungs. Most of these nodules are benign but a few may be cancerous. Sometimes these nodules are very small, are located in a hard-to-reach area of the lung, and are difficult to reach with traditional bronchoscopies. In these cases, a robotic-assisted bronchoscopy is recommended.

What can I expect during the procedure
  • You will be mildly or completed sedated for the procedure, where your doctor will first insert a robotic-controlled bronchoscope in your mouth or nose and into your lungs.
  • Once inside your lungs, the flexible bronchoscope will be navigated to one of the nodules in question.
  • A tissue sample or biopsy of the nodule may be taken for further testing.
  • Your doctor will discuss bronchoscopy results with you following the procedure.
Robotic-assisted bronchoscopy at John Muir Health
robotic assisted bronchoscopy at John muir health
  • We were the first hospital in the Bay Area to perform this procedure.
  • Our surgeons are expertly trained on the Monarch Platform.
  • The combination of better reach, visualization and control provides doctors with an advanced method for diagnosing early stage lung cancer, when it is most treatable.
Benefits of robotic-assisted bronchoscopy
  • No incisions are made.
  • Fast recovery time (patients usually go home the same day).
  • Saves time and reduces stress, eliminating the need to make multiple trips to the hospital (CT Scan and Endoscopy can now be performed in a single procedure).
  • Any “positive” nodules that are discovered on the spot can be treated immediately. 

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Awards & Recognition
awards and recognition

John Muir Health has been recognized as a “Center of Excellence” by the Lung Cancer Alliance for providing high quality responsible screening.