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At John Muir Health we want to ensure that all the hard work and achievements of our employees pay off — and that means your retirement should be as stress-free and financially secure as possible.

To reward the service and dedication our employees show us and the community we care for, we offer comprehensive retirement and post-retirement benefits. These benefits include:

  • Early Retiree Medical Benefits (age 55 - 65)
  • Retiree Health Reimbursement Account (for retirement after age 65)
  • John Muir Health 403(b) Savings Plan with employer match
  • Pension Plan

Note: Benefit packages may vary depending on your job or collective bargaining agreement.

Retiree Health Reimbursement Account

John Muir Health makes contributions to this account that an employee and their legal dependents can use to pay for health care expenses once they have retired. The longer the employee stays with John Muir Health, the more contributions to his or her account. This program complements other John Muir Health benefits the employee has, including the John Muir Health 403(b) Savings Plan with employer match.

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